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Name: Professor Rose Luckin

I am Professor of Learner Centred Design at the London Knowledge Lab. My research applies participatory methods to the development and evaluation of Technology for learning. This work is interdisciplinary and encompasses education, psychology, artificial intelligence and HCI. I investigate the relationship between people, their context, the concepts they are learning, and the resources at their disposal. I am currently developing the Ecology of Resources design framework as discussed in Re-designing Learning Contexts, available from Amazon and from Routledge. For practical examples please visit the wiki. I have two blogs

Children, Learning and iPads

2013 iPads in the Classroom

Mobile Devices turn our world into a learning place


Recent Articles and Reports

Nesta commissioned report: Decoding Learning - finds proof of technology supporting effective learning, emerging technologies that show promise of impact, and exciting teacher practice that displays the potential for effective digital education.

Information Plenty, Knowledge Famine

Creativity Money Love: Learning for the 21st Century

NEW and FORTHCOMING Handbook of Design in Educational Technology published by Routledge provides up-to-date, comprehensive summaries and syntheses of recent research pertinent to the design of information and communication technologies to support learning. Readers can turn to this handbook for expert advice about each stage in the process of designing systems for use in educational settings; from theoretical foundations to the challenges of implementation, the process of evaluating the impact of the design and the manner in which it might be further developed and disseminated.


I am currently leading three research projects at the LKL: SCARLET, Taking on the Teenagers and  NEXT TELL

My recent publications can be found in the publications section of this site and include papers about

  • Augmented Reality
  • New Technologies for Learning: Web 2.0 technologies, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Technology for Learning
  • New Pedagogies and Design Frameworks: The Ecology of Resources model of Context, Learner Generated Contexts,
  • Participatory and E-Science, Participatory Design and Methodologies
  • Scaffolding Teaching and Learning Interactions through Technology,
  • Learner Modeling, Linking Home and School through Technology,
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills, Help-Seeking and Motivation with respect to Learning with Technology
  • Technology, Education and Policy in the UK
  • ICT4D



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Recent Publications.

Avramides, K., Craft, B., and Luckin, R. (2013) Modelling teenage personal contexts to support technology enhanced enquiry into personal energy consumption. Volume 69, Pages 377–386

Avramides, K., Craft, B., and Luckin, R. (2013) Understanding teenagers’ personal contexts to design technology that supports learning about energy consumption. Interaction Learning Environments. Pages 1-16

Luckin, R. and Weatherby, K. (2012) On-line Learning Communities in Context. International Journal of Web Based Communities 8(4), 440-454.


Underwood, J., Luckin, R. and Winters, N. (2012) Managing resource ecologies for mobile, personal and collaborative self-directed language learning . Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 34, 226-229.


Luckin, R. and Clark, W. (2012) More than a game: The participatory Design of contextualised technology-rich learning expereinces with the ecology of resources. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society,  7(3),  33-50.


Luckin, R., & Stanton Fraser, D. (2011) Limitless or pointless? An evaluation of augmented reality technology in the school and home .  International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 3 (5),510-524.


du Boulay, B., Avramides, K., Luckin, R. Martinez-Miron, E., Rebolledo-Mendez, G. & Harris, A. (2010) Towards Systems That Care: A Conceptual Framework based on Motivation, Metacognition and Affect. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 20 (3), pp 197-229.


Lewin, C. and Luckin, R. (2010) Technology to support parental engagement in elementary education: Lessons learned from the UK. Computers and Education 54 (3), 749-758.


Balaam, M., Luckin, R., Good, J. & Harris, H. (2009) Supporting affective communication in the classroom with the Subtle Stone . International Journal of Learning Technology, 4 (3/4), 188 – 215.


Clark, W., Logan, K., Luckin, R., Mee, A. & Oliver, M. (2009.  Beyond Web 2.0: mapping the technology landscapes of young learners . Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. 25 (1), 56-69.


Luckin, R., Clark, W., Graber, R.,Logan, K., Mee, A., Oliver, M. (2009) Do Web 2.0 tools really open the door to learning: practices, perceptions and profiles of 11-16 year old learners? Learning Media and Technology, 34 (2), 87 – 104.


Smith, H., Underwood, J., Fitzpatrick, G., & Luckin, R. (2009). Classroom e-Science: Exposing the Work to Make it Work . Educational Technology & Society. 12 (3), 289–308.


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