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Name: Dr John Potter

John is Senior Lecturer in Education and New Media in the Department of Curriculum, Culture and Media at the London Knowledge Lab. He is currently the departmental postgraduate research tutor and was formerly the programme leader for the MA Media, Culture & Education. He supervises doctoral students and teaches on the core module on Media Cultural Theory and Education as well as optional modules in Digital Video Production, Animation and Internet cultures: Theory and Practice which is concerned with the uses of blogging and social networking software in teaching and learning. 

John’s research interests include:
- Digital video production by young learners – the focus of his doctoral research;
- Cultural practices and new literacies: memory, self -representation and curatorship;
- The use of social software and online networks for publication and learning;
- Media education: Investigating ICT, creative activity and learner agency;
- Issues in ICT in Education: Social, cultural and political aspects of pedagogy in its relationship to technology;
- The changing nature of teaching and learning in response to the pervasive use of media technologies, computer games and other online environments in formal and informal settings.

Prior to joining the staff in 2007, John worked extensively in ICT in Education in Teacher Education (Primary and Secondary) – at Goldsmiths College Department of Educational Studies (2002-2006) and at the University of East London (1998-2002). Before working in Higher Education, he was an ICT advisor in the London Borough of Newham and a Primary school teacher with management responsibility for ICT, Literacy and Assessment in Tower Hamlets.

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John is a founder member of the DARE collaborative, a research collaboration with the BFI and other cultural organisations, directed by Prof Andrew Burn - see the DARE site for further information
Contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone Number: +44 (0)20 7763 2192


Publications: Books                 

Potter, J (2012) Digital Media and Learner Identity: The New Curatorship, New York: Palgrave Macmillan 

Allen, J. Potter, J. Sharp, J. Turvey, K. (2012) Primary ICT: Knowledge, Understanding & Practice 5th Edition, London: Sage

Selwyn, N., Potter, J. & Cranmer, S. (2010) Primary schools and ICT: Learning from Learner Perspectives, London: Continuum

International Refereed Journal Articles
Potter, J. (2013) Media education and the new curatorship: principles and entitlement for learners. Media Education Research Journal Vol 3 no.2 pp 76-87

Potter, J. & Banaji, S. (2012). Social Media and Self-curatorship: Reflections on Identity and Pedagogy through Blogging on a Masters Module. Comunicar 38; 83-91.DOI

Potter, J. (2011) "New literacies, new practices and learner research: Across the semi-permeable membrane between home and school" in Lifelong Learning in Europe Vol. XVI, ISSN: 1239-6286 issue 3/2011 pp. 174-181, Kansanvalistusseura: Helsinki, Finland

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in online social software”. Reflecting Education. Vol.4, No.1, May 2008, pp. 81-91 ISSN 1746-9082 [http://reflecting Access date: 15.05.08]

Chapters in edited books

Potter, J. (2013, forthcoming) “Co-curating children’s play cultures” in Burn, A & Richards, C (ed) Children’s games in the new media age: Childlore, media and the playground, Ashgate: Burlington VT

Potter, J. (2012) “Digital video production and learner identity” in Govas, N. (ed) Videomuseums – recording traces of our subjective culture Athens: Directorate of secondary education, Attica ISBN 978-960-86680-6-5 available at [access date: 31.10.12]

Potter, J. (2011) “Learner voice and lived culture in digital media production by younger learners: implications for pedagogy and future research” in Trifonas, P.P. (Ed) Learning the Virtual Life: Public Pedagogy in a Digital World, pp.114-129 London: Routledge ISBN 978-0-415-89208-7

Potter, J. (2010). “Photoshopping/photosharing: New media, digital literacies and curatorship” in Knobel, M. and Lankshear, C. (eds.), DIY Media: Creating, Sharing and Learning with New Technologies. Peter Lang: New York ISBN 9781433106354

Recent keynote presentations and invited seminars
Pre-conference keynote at research seminar, Media Education Summit 2012, MES2012, Bournemouth University 10 – 11 Sept 2012
Children’s agency in research: reflections on recent projects with young learners Keynote at Agency 2012 conference, Homerton College, Cambridge University School of Education: June 2012
Multimodal Methods and Socio-cultural Theory in a Doctoral Study invited seminar for MODE research Node, June 2012
Curating the self: Media literacy and Identity, invited seminar at the Centre for Learning, Knowing and Interactive Technologies, Graduate School, University of Bristol, 22 Nov 2011
Convenor of PhD research seminar series: Literacy practices and technology University of Oslo, 26-28 Sept 2011
ICT and new media in education: Learning from learner perspectives and cultures Keynote at UNESCO conference, Auditório da Faculdade FAMA Sao Luis, Maranhao State, Brazil, 4 Nov 2010
Curating the self: Media literacy and Identity in children’s digital video production invited seminar for University of Sheffield, Centre for New Literacies, Oct 2010

Media Appearances
Manifesto for Media Education: Potter, J. (2011) "Children as creators, consumers and curators: media education, principles and entitlement for younger learners" online at [Access date: 11.4.11]
Futurelab podcast (2010) Technology and primary education, [Access date: 29.1.10]
Teachers TV (2008) – School Matters - Online Social Networks - Friend or Foe? 
With Neil Selwyn from the London Knowledge Lab and others [Access date: 25.5.11]           

Project Reports
Cranmer, S., Potter, J. & Selwyn, N. (2008) Learners and technology: 7-11, Coventry: BECTA
Reid M, Bazalgette C, Jones M, Lord P, Harland J, Kinder K  & Potter, J. (2007) “Special Effects: the distinctiveness of learning outcomes in relation to moving image education projects” BFI/NFER for Creative Partnerships
Kimbell,  R.&  T.Wheeler, T. Shepherd, G. Brown-Martin, D.Perry,  P. Hall, W. Wharfe, S. Miller & Potter, J. (2005)
E-scape portfolio assessment:A research & development project DFES / QCA

Conference and seminar presentations (selection since 2003)
"Creation and curatorship in new media", Paper presented to "Mobile Learning: Crossing Boundaries" a conference of the London Mobile Learning Group held in Bremen, Germany, March 21st - 22nd, 2011
“Persistence of vision: Children, animation and literacy” Media Literacy Conference, Media Education Association, QE2 conference centre, London, Nov 2010
“Curating the self: Media literacy and Identity in children’s digital video production”  United Kingdom Literacy Association Annual Conference, University of Winchester, July 2010
“Learner identity and theoretical development on a blog-assessed MA module” Institute of Education :Learning and Teaching conference, Jan 2010
“Eliciting learner voice – exploring the enabling/constraining influence of the school setting” [Full text of presentation to Futurelab Learner Voice Conference, University of Warwick, 25.10.08 available at [Access date: 04.12.08]
“Facilitating learner voice at KS2: Implications for teaching and learning in digital worlds” Research in progress paper given to ITTE Seminar, Moller Centre, University of Cambridge, 28th November, 2008
“Learners, digital technology and media” Paper given at “Dream or virtually reality? Learning, ICT and the primary school”, A conference at the Institute of Education, 19th November, 2008 [see [Access date: 04.12.08]]
Presentation of Digital Video research to Special Interest Group at“Multimodality and Learning: New Perspectives on Knowledge, Representation and Communication” June 19, 2008
"Issues in ICT in Education - Social Software and Online Networks" Invited seminar series at Medienpädagogik an der Universität Kassel, Germany, April 28-30, 2008
“Representation in New Media”, National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) conference, Derbyshire, January 2006
Seminar presentation for HEARTS project: Digital Media Technologies in Carnival, Goldsmiths College, November 2005
“Video for Learning” opening presentation at the NESTA Futurelab 3G Innovations Workshop, June 2005
Digital video editing: Creativity and the social practice of representation in new media at CAL 05, Bristol University, April 4-6, 2005
Carnival Visions: Digital Creativity in Teacher Education – BERA 2004, UMIST, September 2004
“Me and him are close” – Digital Generations, Institute of Education, London July 2004
CELTic visions, creativity and carnival: students in initial teacher education and digital video editing – ITTE 2004, Chester College of Higher Education, July 2004
Invited seminar at King’s College, London June 2004, chaired by Professor Margaret Cox “Children in Transition Pilot project”
“Children in Transition Pilot project” Presentation about PhD research to NESTA / ESRC funded seminar at BECTA on Narrative and Interactive Media, February 2004
“Children working with new authoring media: an inquiry into how the use of digital video may provide authentic learning experiences” BERA 2003, Heriot-Watt University


Students: Alfred Oti
An investigation of changing patterns of engagement and enrolment in digital technology and media orientated courses in Further Education

Andrew Gower
Educating for the profession?  An evaluation of creative skill development for future interactive media ‘content professionals’ in the globalised digital industries, with special reference to a UK undergraduate degree in Commercial Music.
(International EdD with Singapore NIE)

Cary Bazalgette
Becoming literate in the 21st century: how pre-school children develop an understanding of texts, and skills in textual interpretation, from their early encounters with films and TV
(Shared supervision with Dr Liz Brooker)

Maureen Joachin
To what extent do media, internal and external to schools, influence the relationship between ethnic minority pupils, the British education system and the "attainment" of those pupils?
(Shared supervision with Dr Chris Richards)

Michael Lightfoot
A study of the role played by information technology in education reform programmes in Bahrain and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Sam Chu
Examining university students’ use of social media for education

Samuel Awuku
Technology and Education: Hope and Reality in Ghana

Sara Hawley
The multimodal, the masculine and the mimetic - a study of gender and technology in the primary classroom
(Shared supervision with Prof Andrew Burn)

Sarah Lloyd-Winder
Exploring through research and practice: the terms digital fiction, digital narratives, new media art, hypertext, trans-literacy. To enable these terms to be set within a fine art based platform.
(Shared supervision with Prof Andrew Burn)

Sean Michael Gallagher
Mobile-based Communities of Practice for History in Higher Education in South Korea
(Shared supervision with Dr Niall Winters)

Tania Fonseca - Special Research Student E-literacy, schools and municipalities towards a common goal: e-citizenship
(Shared supervision with Prof Ferraz De Abreu, University of Lisbon)

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