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Name: Ms Berit Henriksen

Berit is currently completing a full-time ESRC PhD studentship attached to the NCRM node ‘Multimodal Methodologies for Researching Digital Data and Environments ' (MODE). Her doctoral research project will explore multimodal approaches to researching social media, focusing specifically on multimodal methods for researching social media participation practices of production, distribution and consumption. Rich multimodal qualitative data will be collected and analysed through investigations of the social media platforms YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, exploring different aspects of user activity and practice. Based around the planning and execution of these diverse case studies, the thesis will strive to develop a multimodal methodological knowledge base that can inform and enhance future social research in this growing area of digital society.

Berit's previous MRes research at University of Roehampton focused on language practices and communication norms in a YouTube environment, looking at videoblogging from a sociolinguistics perspective.

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MODE: Multimodal methodologies for digital environments

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