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Name: Professor Celia Hoyles

celia-hoyles.jpgProfessor Dame Celia Hoyles

 Qualifications and position:

OBE, PhD, BSc (Hons), FIMA, AcSS
Professor of Mathematics Education

Culture, Communication and Media

London Knowledge Lab


Interests: policy, research, students' conceptions of proof, mathematical skills in modern workplaces, computational environments for learning and sharing mathematics and systemic change in teaching mathematics.

• 2004-2007 Government Chief Adviser for Mathematics
• 2007-13 Director of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
• 2004 International Commission of Mathematics Instruction (ICMI) Hans Freudenthal medal
• 2004 Made Officer of the British Empire
• 2011 Royal Society Kavli Education Medal
• Hon Doctorates awarded by the Open University 2006, Loughborough University 2008, and Sheffield Hallam University, 2011
• 2014-2015 President of the Institute of the Mathematics and its Applications
• 2014 Made Dame Commander of the British Empire.

Masters and PhD teaching in Mathematics Education

Postgraduate Research:
Research Theses supervised (some jointly) by Prof Celia Hoyles
Sutherland, Rosamund. 1988
Robins, Keith. 1989
Bamfield, Moira Catherine. 1989
Evans, Richard. 1991
Garnier, Rowan.1992
Dowrick, Nicholas. 1992
Ursini-Legovich, Sonia. 1994
Magina, Sandra. 1994
Morgan, Candia Ruth. 1995
Correia Dias, Angela Alvares. 1996
Gomes Ferreira, Veronica Gitirana. 1997
Anakwue, Festus Onyeama. 1997
Morais de Lira, Ana Karina. 2000
Healy, Siobhan (Lulu). 2002

Chua, Boon Liang (MME), 2014


Please read my research profile here:

Reseach Profile

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Department Profile Page: www.ioe.ac.uk/staff/CCMA/LKLB_21.html



Selected publications


Kilpatrick, J., Hoyles, C., Skovsmose, O. (eds.)† in collaboration with Valero, P. (2005), Meaning in Mathematics Education, Springer USA

Hoyles. C and Lagrange J-B (eds)† (2009) Mathematics Education and Technology-† Rethinking the terrain† Springer†

Hoyles, C. Noss, R., Kent,P. and Bakker, A. (2010)† Improving Mathematics at Work: The need for techno-mathematical literacies Routledge

Selected Research Publications: refereed journals & book chapters

Hoyles, C. (1982) ëThe pupil's view of mathematics learning'. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 13, October, 349-372.

Hoyles, C., Healy, L. and Pozzi, S. (1992) ëInterdependence and Autonomy: Aspects of Groupwork with Computers'.† In Mandel, H., De Corte, E., Bennett S.N. and Friedrich H.F (eds), Learning and Instruction, European Research in International Context. Vol. 2, 239-257.

Hoyles, C., Noss, R. and Pozzi, S. (2001), ëProportional Reasoning in Nursing Practice'. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 32, 1, 4-27.

Hoyles, C., K¸chemann, D., Healy, L. & Yang, M. (2005), ëStudents' Developing Knowledge in a Subject Discipline: Insights from combining Quantitative and Qualitative Methods'. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, Vol. 8, 3 pp225-238

K¸chemann, D. & Hoyles, C.† (2006)† Influences on students' mathematical reasoning and patterns in its development: insights from a longitudinal study with particular reference to geometry International Journal of science and maths education 4, (4), 581- 608

K¸chemann, D. & Hoyles, C.† (2009) From empirical to structural reasoning in mathematics: tracking changes over time† In Stylianou, D.A,† Blanton, M. L. &† Knuth, E.J. (Eds) Teaching and Learning Proof Across the Grades K-16 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 171- 191

Hoyles C, & Noss, R (2009) The Technological Mediation of Mathematics and Its Learning †In Nunes,T (ed) Special Issue, ëGiving Meaning to Mathematical Signs: Psychological, Pedagogical and Cultural Processes'† Human Development, Vol 52, No 2, April, pp. 129-147

Times Educational Supplement (TES) Maths Podcast (12/11/13) 

Cornerstone Maths research project



Research Theses supervised (some jointly) by Prof Celia Hoyles

Sutherland, Rosamund. 1988 A longitudinal study of the development of pupils' algebraic thinking in a logo environment

Robins, Keith. 1989 Mathematical language

Bamfield, Moira Catherine. 1989† Parental attitudes and involvement in learning mathematics: a study of infant schools

Evans, Richard.† 1991 A turning point in the education of women in Western Europe (1400-1600): with special reference to mathematics

Garnier, Rowan. 
 Understanding logical connectives: a comparative study of language influence 

Dowrick, Nicholas. 1992 Six and seven year olds working in pairs at an arithmetic task

Ursini-Legovich, Sonia. 1994 Pupil's approaches to different characterizations of variable in logo

Magina, Sandra. 1994 Investigating the factors which influence the child's conception of angle

Morgan, Candia Ruth. 1995 An analysis of the discourse of written reports of investigative work in GCSE mathematics

Correia Dias, Angela Alvares. 1996 Ways of seeing geometrical meaning in different situations

Gomes Ferreira, Veronica Gitirana.† 1997 Exploring mathematical functions through dynamic microworlds

Anakwue, Festus Onyeama. 1997† A study of training programmes for school mathematics teachers in Nigeria

Morais de Lira, Ana Karina. 2000† Separating variables in the context of data handling

Healy, Siobhan (Lulu). 2002 Iterative design and comparison of learning systems for reflection in two dimensions

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Thursday, 24 November 2011Professor Celia Hoyles awarded Honorary doctorate
Monday, 11 April 2011Medals for Hoyles and Noss
Monday, 10 January 2011The first Royal Society Medal has been awarded to Professor Celia Hoyles
Thursday, 23 September 2010New book on Mathematics Education and Technology
Thursday, 06 May 2010Improving Mathematics at Work
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Tuesday, 13 March 2007TLRP Research Award
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