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Name: Professor Carey Jewitt

carey jewitt.pngCarey Jewitt is a Professor in Education and Technology and an Academic Fellow funded by the UK Research Council.Carey's research interests are in representation and technology mediated learning, with a focus on visual and multimodal theory and research methods. She is involved in the development of research focusing on the potentials of new media to reshape knowledge, literacy, learning and teaching

Academic qualifications

PhD Education,Institute of Education, University of London (1999-2003)Title: A multimodal framework for technology mediated learning

M.Sc. Social Research Methods (withdistinction), Sociology Department, The University of Surrey, Guildford (1994-1996)

BA Fine Art and Media, Northumbria University, Newcastle (1981-1984)

Academic Positions

Head of Department: Culture, Communications and Media, Institute of Education

Visitng professor (20%), Argen University, Norway

Director, MODE (Multimodal Methodologies for Researching Digital Data and Environments)

Director, Border-crossing Digital Arts and Social Science: Methodological approaches to embodiment

Current Research (further information available on the research link)

MIDAS: Methodological Innovation in Digital Arts and Social Sciences

MODE: Multimodal Methodologies for Researching Digital Environments 


Intergrated institutional technologies for learning teaching and management

ITL research UK

Previous Research

Next-Tell: Next Generation Teaching, Education and Learning for Life

Evaluation of the 'Learner Home Access to Technology Programme BECTA

Knowledge,Creativity and Communication (Challenge Lead), Beyond Current Horizons Program,DCSF Future Program

SociolinguisticEthnography in a Changing Society ESRC Researcher Development Initiative. With Kings College London, an ESRC-funded Researcher Development Initiative on Ethnography, Language andCommunication. For more details see the RDI website

The construction of the subject English in secondary schools inLondon, Johannesburg and Delhi†British Academy and Association of Commonwealth Universities funding. This project is an ongoing collaboration between scholars based at the IoE, Witwatersrand University (Johannesburg) and Delhi University researching the multimodal production of subject English in secondary schools in Delhi,Johannesburg and London.

The Evaluation of SchoolsWhiteboard Expansion (SWE) Project: LondonChallenge Dept. For Education and Skills (Co-director with Dr. Gemma Moss andProf. Levacic)

DigitalDesign, Representation, Communication and Interaction: Screens and the SocialLandscape AHRB/EPSRC Desigining forthe 21st Century Research Cluster

The Production of School English (2000-2003)
 Gunther Kress, CareyJewitt, Ken Jones, Jill Bourne, Anton Franks, John Hardcastle, Euan Reid. ESRCfunded research project. The project explores the relationship between'official' versions of English (eg. the National Curriculum, school policies)and 'actual' versions of English as realized through teacher and studentpractices in the classroom. We understand this realization as multimodal, thatis happening through a range of communicative modes.


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Phone Number: 020 7763 2112
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Published Research Reports

Jewitt, C. (2012) An Introduction to using video for research . NCRM Working Paper Series, 03/12

Farr, W and Price, S and Jewitt, C (2012) An introduction to embodiment and digital technology research: Interdisciplinary themes and perspectives . NCRM Working Paper Series, 02/12  

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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles/Conference papers

Price, S. and Jewitt, C. (2013) Interview approaches to researching embodiment. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) ACM NY p. 2907-2910

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