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Automating support for learning, collaboration and knowledge building

ResearchNew digital technologies and media are giving rise to increasing volumes and varieties of information, presenting new opportunities for learning and knowledge. We seek to make this information more useful by researching and developing techniques for managing, integrating and personalising it. We are designing, building and critically evaluating systems that help people to understand the mass of information that surrounds them, and to generate knowledge from this information. We seek to model and deploy the intelligence and knowledge that enables computing systems to provide personalised support to learners for the range of activities they engage in, individually or collaboratively.


Understanding how digital technologies and media affect educational practice, work, culture and society

ResearchWe are investigating and evaluating the cultural forms and modes of engagement between people and ideas that are fostered by the digital world, to understand the implications for formal and informal learning. We are designing technology and media-enhanced approaches to learning, including innovative uses of ambient, immersive and mobile technologies. We are exploring the differences between ënewí and ëolderí media. We are analysing how children and adults use media in different contexts and how they learn in and from these new environments.


Developing innovative methodologies for investigation of the use and effect of digital technologies

ResearchTo optimise the use of digital technologies for learning, we are developing and applying methodologies which match the complexity of a field that must use the science of human learning in order to inform the design and evaluation of digital environments and systems.




Research News

ScratchMaths project supports computational and mathematical thinking through programming Print
ScratchMaths ScreenshotFunded by a £600k grant from the Educational Endowment Foundation, ScratchMaths is a design and evaluation that seeks to establish how the learning of computer programming in Scratch can improve mathematics at Key Stage 2, with a potential nationwide rollout. The project is led by Professor Richard Noss and Professor Dame Celia Hoyles, with Professor Ivan Kalas joining the LKL team from Comenius University Bratislava. See ScratchMaths project sheet for details.
New Wellcome Trust & Educational Endowment Foundation Project Print

wellcome_logo.jpgThe £1m unLOCKE project is jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Educational Endowment Foundation and it aims to test the benefits of training pupils to suspend their pre-existing beliefs when solving mathematical or scientific questions, for example correcting the seemingly logical notion that a heavy object will fall faster than a light one. This project is a collaboration born out of the Centre of Educational Neuroscience, involving Prof Denis Mareschal as the Principal Investigator, Prof Michael Thomas and Dr Iroise Dumontheil from Birkbeck College Psychological Sciences and Dr Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, Prof Andy Tolmie, Dr Emily Farran and Sveta Mayer from the IOE.  The LKL, with Kaska Porayska-Pomsta as the lead, will be crucially responsible for implementing the intervention tasks using the computer platform and the virtual character that were developed as part of the ECHOES 2 and the SHARE-IT projects.

LIBE: Supporting Lifelong Learning with Inquiry-Based Education Print
LIBE LogoAlex Poulovassilis and George Magoulas are participating in a new EU project, LIBE: Supporting Lifelong Learning with Inquiry-Based Education with other partners in Italy, Norway, Netherlands and Portugal. The project is developing a Virtual Learning Environment to support personalised development of literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills through an inquiry-based approach to learning.
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