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Dr Yishay Mor, former LKL research studentLKL is a collaboration between the Institute of Education and Birkbeck Department of Computer Science and Information Systems . Besides our joint MSc in Learning Technologies, all degrees are granted by one of the two institutions. Either way, you benefit from exposure to both learning and technology expertise in the same building.

How we learn and what is salient to learners today is a constantly shifting target. Our approach to these important questions is cross-disciplinary, approaching from a strong theoretical and practical grounding.  LKL's cross-disciplinary approach brings together theoretical and practical strands, creating a unique approach to tackling some of the leading issues concerning technology and learning today.  

Which degree?

Are you interested in how technology and media relate to broader social, economic and cultural factors? Look into a research degree. Do you want to boost your practical skills, become a learning technologist, or examine and debate the role of media in society as a whole and learning in particular? Check out our taught Masters degrees.

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study thumbnail 1 Learn about doctoral study at LKL: MPhil, PhD, EdD, Associate/special programmes.
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Learn about Master of Arts degrees from the UCL Institute of Education;

Learn about Master of Science degrees from Birkbeck School of Computer Science and Information Systems;

Learn about our unique MSc in Learning Technologies, jointly run by both institutions.

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The MA programmes at the London Knowledge Lab are designed for you to tailor to your own needs and interests. Use our step-by-step guide to build yours.


Contact points

For enquiries about studying at LKL, please contact

  • This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for UCL Institute of Education provided learning-focused degrees
  • Adam Towner (Birkbeck) for technology-focused degrees

Student Feedback

  • “As a teacher the [MA Ed Tech] has expanded my pedagogical outlook, but it’s also made me quite reflective about the way that I teach. I’ve taken what I’ve learnt and applied it to my teaching … and I’d say that the course has definitely improved it.”
  • “I thought the [MA Media] was useful…I definitely feel more able to teach media as a result….tutors well prepared and organised…a lot of detail and originality in the choices of materials…I really enjoyed the residentials and found them inspiring…”

Recent graduates from our programmes

  • Susie Andretta – Ways of experiencing information literacy: perception and practice amongst Information Management postgraduate students (Supervised by Harvey Mellar, IoE)
  • Michael Zoumboulakis – Pattern Matching and Detection in Extremely Resource Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks (Supervised by George Roussos, Birkbeck)
  • Michelle Cannon – Fashioning and Flow: In the field of media education, to what extent can creative media production processes, with a particular emphasis on film production, develop young peoples' social, creative, cultural and critical engagement? (Supervised by John Potter, IoE)
  • Zheng Zhu – Improving Search Engines via Classification (Supervised by Mark Levene and Ingemar J. Cox, Birkbeck)
  • Alison Clark-Wilson – How does a multi-representational mathematical ICT tool mediate teachers’ mathematical and pedagogical knowledge concerning variance and invariance? (Supervised by Richard Noss, IoE)
  • Lucas Zamboulis – XML Data Transformation and Integration - A Schema Transformation Approach (Supervised by Alex Poulovassilis and Nigel Martin, Birkbeck)
  • Theo Bryer – How are the processes of digital video production shaped by the children’s awareness of audience? (Supervised by John Potter, IoE)
  • Zacharias N. Voulgaris – Discernibility Concept in Classification Problems (Supervised by George Magoulas and Boris Mirkin, Birkbeck)
  • Wendy Earle – How cultural and civi organisations use the internet to engage young people
  • Dean Williams – Combining Data Integration and Information Extraction (Supervised by Alex Poulovassilis and Peter King, Birkbeck)