Latest News 14 Nov 14
Meet the Winners of the Open Education Challenge
OEC LogoThe LKL hosts the winners of the Open Education Challenge, a European initiative to support edutech startups striving to make a difference in education. Meet the winners at the Impact Hub Westminster on 26th November in the evening. More information and registration details in our events section.
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Latest News 07 Nov 14
What the Research Says Event: Designing a MOOC


The 17th What The Research Says event on Friday 28th November is on the topic of Designing a MOOC. We will be asking lots of questions around MOOC designs, approaches, and experiences, including results and evaluations from those who have delivered large-scale online courses.
Find out more and how to register .
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Research 09 Oct 14
New Wellcome Trust & Educational Endowment Foundation Project

wellcome_logo.jpgThe £1m unLOCKE project is jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Educational Endowment Foundation and it aims to test the benefits of training pupils to suspend their pre-existing beliefs when solving mathematical or scientific questions, for example correcting the seemingly logical notion that a heavy object will fall faster than a light one. This project is a collaboration born out of the Centre of Educational Neuroscience, involving Prof Denis Mareschal as the Principal Investigator, Prof Michael Thomas and Dr Iroise ...

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Latest News 07 Oct 14
Welcome to our Third International Learning Design Challenge: Move-It-Online

Third International Learning Design Challenge: Move-It-Online



Led by Professor Diana Laurillard from The London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education in collaboration with Building Community Knowledge, MirandaNet, Creative Digital Solutions and Hands-ON ICT project.



The Aim

Our 3rd online International Learning Design Challenge is about understanding the impact of taking teaching and learning activities online. We will provide ways of describing and planning effective teaching ideas, especially those that illustrate ‘pedagogically purposeful uses of technology for learning'. The Challenge is to transfer this to your own optimal ...

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Latest News 07 Oct 14
iTalk2learn Awards: EC-TEL 2014

EC-TEL 2014


Open Learning and Teaching in Educational Communities

Graz (Austria), 16 - 19 September 2014


During the EC-TEL Conference LKL's Dr Manolis Mavrikis and Dr Sergio Gutierrez-Santos with colleagues from the EU-funded iTalk2Learn project were awarded Honourable Mention by iknow-2014 business angels and 2nd Best Demo during the EC-TEL 2014 conference.

Demo Title: Talk, Tutor, Explore, Learn Intelligent Tutoring and Exploration for Robust Learning 


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    Open Education Challenge: Meet the Winning Edutech Startups
    OEC Winners
  • Fri 28 Nov, 13:30 | What the Research Says
    Designing a MOOC

  • Research


    OLDS MOOC Final Report
    A report is now available on the Learning Design MOOC, run by LKL and several other universities, led by the OU. The 9-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on learning and curriculum ...


    Media Planet 2014 Autism Campaign
    Kaska Porayska-Pomsta has contributed to the 2014 Autism Campaign by the Media Planet. The interview with Dr Porayska-Pomsta has been published as a supplement to The Independent newspaper on ...


    Wellcome Trust/Imperial PhD Studentship opportunity
    This unusual PhD studentship (based at Imperial College London, funded by the Wellcome Trust) aims to theorise public engagement as an educational process. It builds on an extensive body of ...