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Thursday, 24 February 2011

neurons.jpgA report on Neuroscience: Implications for education and lifelong learning was released today 24 February by the Royal Society. Professor Diana Laurillard was on the working group for this report, and several members of the London Knowledge Lab are in the joint IOE - BBK - UCL Centre for Educational Neuroscience.

The report presents developments in neuroscience that have the potential to contribute to education, and makes policy recommendations on translating new developments into practice, including the use of adaptive learning technologies for targeted learning activities.

Two key recommendations for IOE and LKL are:

  • Training and continued professional development should include a component of neuroscience relevant to educational issues, in particular, but not restricted to, Special Educational Needs.
  • Neuroscience can make valuable contributions to the development of adaptive technologies for learning. The Technology Strategy Board should promote knowledge exchange and collaboration between basic researchers, front-line practitioners and the private sector in order to inform and critically evaluate the impact and development of new technologies.

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