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London Knowledge Lab
23-29 Emerald Street,
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Tel: +44(0)207 763 2106

Research Interests and Experience

My research interests and experience lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), human-computer interaction (HCI), and technology-enhanced learning (TEL). I design and implement technologies that provide transformative opportunities for learning and collaboration. In particular, I focus on:
  • Design and evaluation of intelligent technologies that
    • (a) provide direct feedback to learners and
    • (b) increase users’ awareness of the processes involved in different types of learning, e.g. inquiry, problem solving and collaboration, across learning contexts such as schools, universities and informal settings;
  • Exploring the way in which human-computer and computer-mediated interaction research can enhance learning situations and support collaboration;
  • Developing and applying data mining and machine learning techniques as a means of analysing the usage and the effectiveness of interactive and intelligent learning environments and as a way of automatically deriving models of users and of interactions
In pursuing these interests I engage in interdisciplinary research that has an immediate wider impact by ensuring that the technologies we develop are not only pedagogically sound and effective but also accessible, usable and relevant to learners and educators.

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