MoPiX: Programming simulations, games, and animations with equations

MoPiX is a system in which students construct models by assembling virtual components (e.g. balls, arms, hands, walls) and giving the components behaviours by associating equations with them. The equations define functions of time so that the model can be animated by computing attributes at successive time points. Internally, the equations are represented as content MathML, Web page based libraries of equations are integrated with the tool. Collaboration is supported via a web repository of saved models. An equation editor allows for the library to be updated. A simple example of current functionality is the ability to create two balls bouncing subject to gravity and a third object that draws a trail of the movement of the centre of mass of the system.


Niall Winters
Ken Kahn
Dunsanka Nikolic
Candia Morgan
Jehad Alshwaikh


The latest version of MoPiX 2.0 is here

Software last modified on 8 March 2009. Please report any problems to Ken Kahn.


MoPiX is being developed as part of the ReMATH project, funded under the EU FP6-2004-IST-4 research programme.

Last Updated: 8 March 2009.