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Making Games: Developing games authoring software for educational and creative use

Project Manager
Caroline Pelletier

Project Leaders
David Buckingham
Andrew Burn

Project Details
This project is an R&D collaboration with Immersive Education and is funded by the Paccit Link programme for three years (2003-2006)

Project Web Site

digital games, media literacy, gender


The aim of this project is to develop a pre-competitive prototype software environment for the authoring of computer games by young people, and research its design, uses and benefits.

Research objectives
The project will produce:

  • a game authoring tool within a 3-D environment, allowing children to design their own roleplaying and action adventure games;
  • A model of game literacy, involving both critical analysis and creative production of game designs;
  • A pedagogic model, which identifies how game design is taught and learnt, both formally, in schools, and informally, in clubs and homes; and
  • A model for industrial design incorporating participatory design with children.

Research Questions

  • How might a 'game-literacy' be described, in terms both of playing and authoring; and what pedagogies would promote it? What would be the benefits of catering for such a literacy for girls; and for young people with print-literacy problems?
  • How does the experience of game authoring help to develop 'game literacy'? How might it extend the interactivity of gaming, and what new possibilities for cultural expression might it provide?
  • What forms of user involvement enhance the design process in the case of children's technology?

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